Plastic-Free Butter Wrap

Sylvicta provides the perfect base for a plastic-free butter wrap providing excellent barrier properties and superior grease resistance. Unlike most butter wraps, a natural Sylvicta butter wrap is recyclable in the paper stream and is compostable. 

It can also be combined with advanced coatings or ultra-thin aluminium coatings. 

Sylvicta is also suitable for high-quality printing and our team are here to work with you to recommend solutions to optimise your print results. 

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High Oxygen Barrier
High Aroma Barrier
Recyclable & Repulpable 
Fluorochemical Free
Sustainable Pulp
Versatile Applications
Paper Specification

Oxygen transmission rate
< 1.0 cc/m2.24hrs 

Grease resistance
KIT 12 

Water vapour transmission rate
32 up to 90 g/m2.d 

66% up to 79% 

Sylvicta is available from 42g up to 180g and can be delivered in reels or sheets.