Why Sylvicta?

A natural translucent barrier paper for
the packaging industry

Sylvicta is the perfect solution for brands and converters working to replace plastic with paper or looking for functional materials for packaging that preserve and protect their products while also meeting environmental aspirations and targets. 

Food contact approved

Sylvicta meets the food contact requirements in Europe and in the USA. It is certified for contact with fresh, dry, frozen, moist and fatty foodstuff.

Sylvicta complies with the following European regulations:
BfR XXXVI. Paper and Board for food contact
Regulation (EC) No 1935/2004
Regulation (EC) No 2023/2006

And with the following Italian regulation:
Decreto Ministeriale del 21/03/1973

Sylvicta also complies with the following American regulations:
FDA 21 CFR 176.170
FDA 21 CFR 176.180

And with the following Chinese regulation:

GB 4086.2022

The Sylvicta manufacturing process is free from animal-based ingredients, alcohol or acetic acid.

High oxygen barrier

High oxygen barrier

Sylvicta prevents food spoilage and keeps products fresh.

With an oxygen barrier 2000 times higher than BOPP and PP and 100 times higher than PET, the shelf life of packaged goods can be extended in a sustainable way.

High Oil and Grease Barrier

High oil and grease barrier

Sylvicta is a material with a high barrier to grease and oils.

The Kit Test measures the degree of repellence or anti-wicking of paper and boards. Test solutions with varying strengths of castor oil, toluene, heptane and turpentine are used. Sylvicta scored 12, the highest numbered solution (the most aggressive) that remains on the surface of the paper without causing failure, showing a very high barrier to grease and oils.

Sylvicta can be used in applications for chocolate, butter and oily products as an alternative to plastic-based laminates.

High Aroma Barrier

High aroma barrier

Sylvicta has a higher barrier to aroma evaporation than cling film, commonly used to wrap food.

In addition to the preservation of the aroma and scent, Sylvicta prevents undesired external flavours and odours from reaching and contaminating the packaged product.

Functional Barrier against

Functional barrier against MOSH/MOAH

The European Food Safety Authority identified two main types of Mineral Oils Hydrocarbons (MOHs) that are relevant for food safety:

MOSHs – Mineral Oil Saturated Hydrocarbons
MOAHs – Mineral Oil Aromatic Hydrocarbons

These substances are food contaminants and are considered as potentially harmful to human health.

Sylvicta provides an optimal and secure barrier against the migration of mineral oils (MOSH-MOAH).


Sylvicta is an extremely versatile material and is ideal for a wide range of applications. It is translucent, making see-through packaging possible and lightweight, saving transport costs.

By adding various applications and coatings, Sylvicta paper can be used for a huge variety of products from pouches, to foil wrappers, salad bags to coffee pods.


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Printability and Runability

Sylvicta is suitable for all major print processes such as offset, flexography, embossing, hot foiling and die-cutting.

Testing of Sylvicta is strongly recommended, particularly if using digital press and gravure printing. We can recommend solutions to optimise your print results.

Proven runability on conventional packing lines.

We can work with you to recommend solution to optimise your print results.

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